More Support, Never A Bad Thing

There is good news for the consumer. Trend Micro has announced a 24X7 technical assistance to all computer related problems. They will provide remote support, and give preventive and corrective services. This means customers can expect speedy resolution of their computer related problems. As a bonus, Trend Micro is offering a one day free tech support for which customers can register online. After registration, customers can utilize this free support till 15 September, 2010. the services included are free scan of your computer, fine tuning of your anti virus, email security, internet security and firewall features of your computer.

Company believes that nobody gives a damn to computer security and wishes to just go ahead after starting the computer. Nobody likes to spend time on this vital aspect, and this is the reason company has started this program, to offer assistance and solve their problems quickly. Trend Micro keeps customer grievances above everything else. It tries to solve the problems of the customer in the shortest possible time and that too efficiently.  Services of the company will be for those who have registered. It also offers premium services and thousands of its customers upgraded to have premium services.

The services of the company are for the time being available to the users in North America only. There are two plans, Internet Security Pro + Premium Service Plan is $99.99 and the standard plan is available for $79.95. To register for the services of the company, consumers can visit the website of the company.

Trend Micro is a leader in internet security and has pioneered the advanced technology for threat management and detection of malware, spam, data leaks, and all the latest threats from the web. Trend Micro is truly international and operates through its partners in other countries. It has headquarters in Tokyo.

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