Minorities, Not So Much For Small Business

Census Bureau reports show that the minority business ownership has grown significantly this year, and has reached twice the business owners rate of the U.S.

The new rate is 60.5% for black owners, 17.9% for American-Indians and 43.6 % in Hispanic owners. The growth is significant, but it gives a good start to the American economy, that went out a little crumbled due to the economical collapse. The money that these companies produce go over 1 trillion dollars and this only in 2007. The estimated number is far bigger than that for this year, and there are expecting increases for the next year.

The number of women that hold a business also rouse by 27%, while the US business owners increased only by 33%.

The fact that these numbers show some economical growth can be very optimistic for other companies that are on the market. It may vary from company to company, but still have to lookout for them. The government is taking new methods to make companies hire more people, and seems to be very pleased with the fact that there are some businesses that work very well under these circumstances.

The total number of business owners is about 27 millions, and this is a number that has grown trough 20002 and 2007. more than this, the best growth was showed by minorities rather than the US, and thus, the number of business owners has rouse more from the minority sites, like black owners and Hispanics. Even though the American owners rate rouse by 33%, it is less than the black’s population ownerships, but a bit more than the Hispanic population’s ownerships.

This is what the study conducted has revealed, by taken into consideration not only the number of owners but also the working businesses that have shown signs of economical growth.

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