Shire Releases New Results

Shire Plc, a global pharmaceutical company announced positive results on their latest studies about VPIRIV (velaglucerase alfa). This “enzyme replacement therapy” could cure the disease of “type 1 gaucher”. This information was first offered at the occasion of “9th Annual European Working group” for the disease of Gaucher. They also presented some proves that VPRIV is safe on the body.

Some analysis also proved that the long term goals of therapeutic were achieved. This includes progress in the density of “bone mineral” with all 8 types of Gaucher Disease. However, the treatment must last for at least two years. The primary dose is 60 U/kg, and must be administrated intravenously once a week. If the first 2 therapeutic goals ate attained after one year, the dose could be decreased to 30 u/kg. The success rate is 100 %, as all the patients succeeded to get the all desired goals of “therapeutic” in hemoglobin concentration, spleen and liver volumes, and BMD.

A separate analysis on the BMD showed improvement also. After 69 months, all disease related issues with osteopenic and osteoporosis, were gone. Some patients also got the “VPRIV” and “bisphosphonates”. The improvements were obvious, and this treatment imposed as the principal cure against this disease. VPRIV can provide continuous improvements without any secondary effects. There were three patients that were suffering from osteopenic, achieved a “normal BMD”. Similarly, another patient suffering from osteoporosis became osteopenic after 9 months of continuous treatment. “Femoral BMD” and “Lumbar” also improved significantly amongst the ITT population during every “24 and 33” months. The patients treated with VPRIV only, improvements appeared over time. Data from phase III demonstrated that patients could have a safe transition to VPRIV. The results were stable for the last 12 months. lgG antibodies were not developed, including the 3 patients suffering from anti-imiglucerase. The data presented at EWGGD were astonishing, opening new ways in treating gaucher disease.

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