Lionsgate Gets Serious With Rainbow Media

Lionsgate which is a leading studio has entered into a deal with Rainbow media during which Lionsgate will license 139  famous theatrical titles to the latter, which is also one of the leading innovators in bringing innovation to television. They will be aired on networks like IFC, Sundance, WE and AMC. Reports coming out after this deal are terming it as a part of industry’s largest library sales. This announcement was made by Beggs, President Lionsgate and Sapen, President Rainbow Media. This is the brain child of Stoll and Lentz of Lionsgate and Rainbow Media, respectively.  This deal covers the most exciting productions of Lionsgate which includes DÉJÀ VU, Horror Fest, Punisher, Away from her and many more. Among them are Academy Award winners and Academy Award nominees.

The president of Lionsgate termed this deal as a successful one and said that the 139 out of 13000 titles present in there library showed the diversity of their library. This deal will not only enhance their business which has reached an all time high of $323 million but will also provide non-stop entertainment to the viewers.

The President of Rainbow Media termed it as a thrilling experience by saying that it is very uncommon to come across so many quality creations under one production house. He praised Lionsgate work of collecting such a rare combination of films and said that the deal was an advanced step in bringing entertainment a step closer to the public.

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