Are You Waiting For Superman?

“Waiting for Superman” an award-winning documentary that is set to release during the fall of 2010 film is awaited by 30,000 people who have interest to watch the movie as per the campaign named as the “Pledge Progress Meter”. DonorsChoose is distributing gift cards of $5 as per their announcement to the people who have pledged to view the movie at the 15th of September.

The American teacher who place their project needs in can use these humanitarian gift cards for their needs. The main goal of the website named as is to develop the public schooling with the help of facilitating teachers to bring in change among the students. Charles Best, the Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose thanked the supporters and people who wanted to watch the film “Waiting for Superman”. He also added that these gift cards are available for immediate redemption for the benefit of students.

“Davis Guggenheim” is directed this film and “Paramount Pictures” will distribute this film. The story line is about the public education crisis in United States. The campaigns like “Take the Pledge” and the “Pledge Progress Meter” were designed for creating long-term solutions for betterment of kids’ lives, schools and its students. The company of “First Book” had agreed to contribute the 250,000 fresh books for the students of schools and people who are under low-income community. This film is set to release in New York and Los Angeles during September 24 and through out the country during October. Davis Guggenheim and Billy Kimball jointly wrote the script. The producers of the film are “Jeff Skoll”, “Lesley Chilcott” and “Diane Weyermann” being the Executive Producers from Participant Media.

For more details on the film people can access the website of waitingforsuperman and for taking pledge people can text “PLEDGE” to 77177. Facebook and tweeter pages have been developed for the film to join the conversation with the fellow people.

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