Green Zone, DVD Smash Hit?

The thrilling, action-packed Green Zone, on great demand is now available in Blu-ray discs; in fact, it has now been made available for download at Universal Studios on 22 June, 2010. The Academy Award actor and director have their commentaries included as an additional feature of the movie. To make it more fascinating, the disc will be available for a short span for viewing while you’re on the move
The combo of Damon and Greengrass has always proved worthwhile; they have a lot of successes to prove their teamwork. People have been raving about the movie ever since they heard of the two coming together, yet once again. The movie revolves around a script where an undetermined truth is being scavenged in a war struck city. The cast which includes, Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear and Brendan Gleeson (apart from Damon) celebrate in glee.

Peter Travers from the Rolling stones calls it a pumping thriller and Damon a heck of an actor!

The new editions (Blu-Ray and HD) have a lot of features other than the regular ones that a DVD normally has; such as the training Matt had to undergo for his shots, the making of a few scenes of the Green Zone, deleted scenes as well as a digital or soft copy which you can transfer to your iPod or personal computer and watch it absolutely ANYWHERE!

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