TV Shows Come To Consoles

Now, the Spike TV’s series ‘Deadliest Warrior’ is available on game for Xbox 360 and going to come soon on Playstation 3 also. The company of Spike Games is developed this game and Pipeworks software. The game is named as “Deadliest Warrior: The Game” and it can be played on Xbox Live. It is now onwards available in some countries for download and the price is kept at $10. The TV series has achieved a lot of achievement on various platforms. So, we can say that it was natural and required to make such a game which was always in demand and everyone would welcome it. The developers say they are happy to enthrall the gamers with the rich experience of ‘Deadliest Warrior’ and make the simulation as best as possible. In this game, players can play single mode game anytime. For playing single mode game, they can try out either practice or arcade modes. They will be experiencing the real fighting style for the first time in history of gaming.

There are various advanced features like area-wise damage and wounds and scars on bodies. The moves are so realistic that they can’t be identified as such. They are just like the ones of professional fighters used to play in TV series. Fans of this game will also receive various points by playing the game on Playstation 3. There are prizes for Xbox Live players like samurai armor and more for clearing the deadliest difficulty level. More is available on their website. The players receive helmet ad samurai mask if they beat any character in the highest difficulty level. It will take another one year for avatars and themes to come on Playstation. One of its parts that are VIACOM is considered as the largest programming services which produce valuable content for TV channel. The Spike TV also has a press site to put up the content for press and media.

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