S&C2? Smashing!

When Big snaps the cardiac of Carrie in the last scene of highly awaited ”Sex and the City 2” movie and gives the New York City diva a thrilling black colored 5 carat diamond ring while expressing that she isn’t like any other person; the movie goes for the tissot. But, everyone could see the rock. The murmur is already whirling about the film scene that it is reasonably the most prominent part of jewelry film’s wholeness: a five carat ring made up of black diamond by Itay Malkin, the designer.

Malkin is well known to the movie and the cast. Sarah Jessica Parker took up Malkin’s pieces in first movie and innumerable celebrities are in fan club. During preparations of Sex And The City 2,the black colored diamond rings were on high search. Malkin presented two rings under cover to both, Parker and Patrick, writer/director, selected one of his designs to announce them to be for a very important shot in the film. Malkin’s unique ring had been selected from twenty world leading names in jewelry.

Malkin worked together with Parker and a well-known costume design master, Patricia  Field, on the finalized design: the five carat diamond ring of black color embedded in 18 karat of white gold covered all around by 80 circular natural white cemented diamonds weighing  0.35 carats. The ring made by Malkin is the only jewelry by far that has been isolated as secret because of its utmost importance in main idea. It will surely be explored on the very first time in cinema .

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