Rangel, Guilty

Rangel is said to be guilty of Ethics charges which is a common belief by majority of the political parties.  Most of the democratic parties predict that the current charges of Rangel will have a huge negative impact on the democrats in the coming elections. Flemington stated that the result of National Media study clearly indicates that Charles Rangel, a democratic representative from New York City is guilty of Ethics charge that is filed against him by the house committee. After viewing the video, majority of republican and democratic political parties also believe that Rangel is blameworthy. About 86 percent of independents strongly agree with the charges and about 87 % of Republicans along with 67 % of democratic are also in acceptance with the accusations against Rangel.

All parties strongly believe that the charges against Rangel will have a huge drawback on the democrats in the forthcoming elections. The findings based on the survey conducted regarding the Rangel accusations include questions like ‘Do you think Charles Rangel is not guilty of ethics accusations that are charged on him by the congress of United States?’ 33 % of the democrats, 13 % of republicans and 14 % of independents are in agreement with this fact. However, 67 % of the democrats, 87 % of the republicans and 86 % of independents disagree with this fact.

Videos were made available for the viewers which helped them to express their level of believability regarding the video where Rangel was declaring his innocence. Participants were also requested to respond to the post viewing questions so as to express their views. All the responses were recorded in the quarter second interval and were reported in the form of curves. Most of the participants also agreed to the fact that Rangel’s ethics charges are going to hurt Democrats in the elections falling in the year 2010.

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