Hacker Gives Aid

Professor Jacob Hacker from the Yale University’s Political Science has launched a new economical program that is helping families in America that have a bad economical situation.

The program has on it’s to list higher ESI that indicates an economical insecurity and the measurement of the number of families that find themselves in this situation.

The study reveal that people that held economical finances in banks are less insecure of their financial situation but people that ware in debts when the economical collapse begun are at a lower rate in economical deficit by 25%. The ESI program analyses the family’s insecurity in economy with fluctuations on long term but also short term. Other factors taken into consideration are demographic. Age, household, levels of education and other such factors are crucial when it comes to determine a family economical state.

Furthermore, this is a precise analytic tool that promises to take the best measures and apply them for a more secure economical growth. By analyzing the properties that a family has, as well as debts but also incoming financials on every month, the risk can be calculated and economic specialist can apply some measures to sustain a better financial situation of the American families. The Rockefeller Foundation is a part of this project, providing the ESI with specialists in economy and with a vast tradition in this field it promises to help recover the old economical situations for all the American families. The Economic Security Index promises to reveal the facts that have led to the percent of 25% of economical drop, and insures to fix those problems and present new solutions to help the population.

This program uses date from 1960 and up to 2010, in order to achieve a precise economical view of things and to give some hope to the people that have lost a quarter of their incomes.

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