Stern Cells Help Treat Cancer

The allergenic stern cell transplant could be promising for patients suffering from CLL-Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Those cells could treat genetic abnormalities, according to recent studies appeared in the journal of American Society of Hematology. In the US, new 15 000 CLL cases were spotted and 4000 deaths are confirmed. The general survival rate of leukemia deaths increased in the latest years. However, some aggressive types of this disease can’t respond to chemotherapy.

Those patients that are resistant to treatment (targeted antibody and chemotherapy) have genetic abnormalities that could prevent the response. Researchers tried to find out if SCT is an effective treatment for those patients, considering the fact that SCT is independent of genetic abnormalities.
This is one of the largest studies of this kind, and it showed that allergenic stern cells can treat patients suffering from this kind of problem. Stern transplants are risky, so they must be applied only when other kind of treatments showed useless.

Stern cells are infused to a patient. They will go to the bone marrow and they will produce new healthy cells. This type of treatment can bring serious complications, which could even lead to the death of the patient. The doctor must be sure about the provenience and health of the Stern cell donor. Fludarabine and cyclophosphamide are used to reduce complications, and they will prevent the Stern cells to fight themselves. More than 40 percent of participants enjoyed an amelioration of their general health.

The American Society of Hematology is concerned about the causes of blood disorders. The mission of this society is to understand and diagnose those disorders. They are also taking care of bone marrow and the vascular system. Read the official ASH journal as this is the most important journal in this field.

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