Pelosi, SB

Nancy Pelosi handed out the following declaration tonight after the House Republicans impeded the route of the small business proceed Tax respite, which provided assistance to small business describing requirements and eradicating tax breaks for businesses that shipped occupations overseas. Parliament cast a vote 241-154 in support of the account, short of two-thirds needed for route. Only two of the Republicans voted in support of the Tax relief bill.

Small enterprises are the motor of the U.S. finances and we should do everything we can to assist them succeeding after the unsuccessful economic principles of the George Bush administration that have initiated job deficiency worth 8 million Euros. Today, Democrats house cast a vote to help little enterprises.  We compensated for this legislation by concluding income tax loopholes which encourage shipping occupations overseas.

But nearly all Republicans voted no, and organized to impede the success of the bill. Rather than of standing to support American workers, Republicans in assembly stood with their special interests, of U.S. occupations offshore. This regulation was a win for US occupations, but again, the Republicans face against little businesses and workers in our homeland. We should go forward America, not backward.

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