ESPN Getting 3D

NEP Broadcasting, a prominent television production company has revised its first mobile 3S production truck SS31 and programmed latest SS32. These exciting trucks are expected to create waves all over the country through the “3D coverage” of ESPN. ESPN is said to have dealing with the NEP Broadcasting for nearly three decades.

Chris Calcinari, Vice President for Event Management for ESPN had announced ESPN’s new venture into 3D production truck along with NEP. The NEP’s new invention SS32 “3D production truck” will be used just like a main tool for the “3D coverage” of ESPN. SS32 is a combination of the trendy technology of “camera rig” and “3D imaging” offered by PACE that can handle huge productions. It includes features such as “Sony cameras”, “PACE 3D rigs”, “Sony SRW”, “Fujinon lenses” and “XT2 plus servers”, “Calrec Alpha audio board” with Blue Fin and “Sony MVS8000-X switcher “.

NEP has also given a face-lift to SS31 the very first “mobile production truck” used for live relay of “3D TV” events. SS31 can support any kind of making anywhere in the world and is designed with latest technology that includes various “EVS XT2 servers”, a switcher, “ten tape machines” support, a Calrec Q2 audio console and a Sony MVS-8000”.

NEP Broadcasting offer live sports relays and entertainments and is considered as one of the acclaimed International broadcasting service providers. NEP joins hands with leading production companies transmit the networks and has got excellent infrastructure that supports broadcasting of most important events and sports held worldwide. NEP has employed around 500 staff in all over the world and serves network of organizations and producers, through its nine special divisions namely Screen-works, Super-shooters, Denali, Roll to Record, Premiere Entertainment, Visions, and “Studios” along with telecommunication services and “Live Power” offered by Production of “New Century”. NEP has its headquarters in New York and it is a private equity organization owned by primarily by the “American securities”.

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