Maradona Loses Aston Villa

The online betting company has resulted in dismissal of the chances of Diego Maradona to become the upcoming boss for Aston Villa.

Saying in an interview, a European spokesman for Maradona, Walter Soriano expressed that the previous World Cup winner would show interest. Furthermore he stated that Maradona likes English football very much and the Britain’s way of life in their country which may increase his chances of him locating to the Kingdom. As we all know that, Maradona is a former football player of Argentina and he has contributed a lot in the great wins of Argentina as he is still considered as one of the finest and fastest football player in all over the world. Adding to that he said that Maradona loves the place of United Kingdom (UK) & the country’s respect for individual’s privacy due to which Maradona would be more willing to join a club as big as Aston Villa (that is one of the most famous football clubs). Commenting on the owner Randy Lerne he said that the owner of the team is really interested in getting him to the UK and would hear positive from Maradona’s side. Although Maradona may nod with a big yes but bookies really doubt that to be the case, the online company’s spokesmanMark Pearson expressed his views.

Back in 1986 the British fans disliked Maradona but also can’t wait to see him controlling Aston Villa’s managerial position. Certainly Maradona would be a great entertainer for the Premier League but Kevin MacDonald might seem as a more realistic option because many votes go in his favor, Mark Pearson said.

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