New Magellan GPS

Magellan has launched its new series of GPS devices which are hard rugged, unbreakable, and best for outdoor adventures. They have award-winning product eXplorist which has won several awards for GPS devices for outdoor adventures. New models of eXplorist are 510, 610 and 710. They also capture geotagged photos and help them to share them online. They have high sensitivity and high-resolution maps or navigation and they provide exact navigation and locations. They are currently being placed in an exhibition in Germany and will be in markets of Europe, North America and some other countries soon by the end of 2010. Since the social networking is increasing day by day, these GPS devices are also experimenting with embedding such features.

All the new models of eXplorist have a camera, a microphone and a speaker and speakers to accompany them all the time and share their adventures. They have 3 inch touch screen, a 3.2 mega pixel camera and they are all waterproof. They show complete road features and several other water features also like rivers and lakes. There are built in maps in higher models of eXplorist which give a real time experience. It is fully touch screen and they have various other innovative features too. There are proximity alarms, advanced compass and expandable memory. This generation of GPS devices makes life lot easier with so many advanced features. The eXplorist series starts at price of USD $349.99 for eXplorist 510 while for eXplorist 610, the price is USD $449.99 and for eXplorist, it is USD $549.99. They have a mini USB cable with them and 2 lithium AA disposable batteries. Though their price is a bit high in the start but it may reduce later depending on the markets. The customers who buy eXplorist get various discounts and premium membership to the website for geocaching.

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