Surf City Hosts US Open Of Surfing

The US Open of Surfing, sponsored by Hurley International, a well-known brand in the action sports industry, held “Surf City” that attracted more than 500,000 visitors throughout the 3 day occasion. The crowd consisted mostly of youth who enjoyed social networking as well.

At the surfing, young women were selected in a team by the Oral Cancer Foundation for a three day awareness campaign to distribute unique stickers, tattoos &T shirts having special Quick Response codes. When people would scan that code via their cell phones it would take them to a website informing them about the transfer of sexually transmitted oral cancer and guidance on how to avoid it.

Oral cancer is predominantly among the white, young and nonsmokers. This was not at all the history when the excessive use only brought out oral cancer risks, but everything is changing now due to a small virus that has affected all.

Human Papilloma Virus has roughly 130 types and usually is spread at the back of the mouth at a very disturbing rate. It is spread via direct contact having oral sex or getting involved in a passionate French kiss.

Looking for creating ways in order for the “Oral Cancer Foundation” to spread the messages is not something new.  The company released the world’s first detailed website devoted to oral cancer in 1999 and has almost 18 million to 25 million views every month. There was a time when only a people on the internet were actually aware about the commonly known RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. At that time, the Oral Cancer Foundation maintained their free Newsfeed, updated daily from stories of the different media. As of today, many people, patients, doctors, the young and the teens alike take equal interest in visiting the website for extremely useful information covered in depth on oral cancer.

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