LFA Wants To Save Teaching Jobs

An organization of 17 national education associations representing ten million educators, parents and policymakers, namely ‘Learning First Alliance’ has released a statement avowing that the organization supports the immense efforts of providing $10 billion to the federal aid so as to prevent forthcoming layoffs of principals, teachers and other school staff members. The nation’s children have already been facing problems relating growing class sizes, decreasing curricula and loss of essential services. Massive layoffs of district staff and school would have made the children suffer from long-term consequences, but these funds at this critical time have facilitated a lot. Job cuts in the school districts and public schools were affecting economic future and were just like an immediate threat to the fragile economic recovery.

The organization calls on the Senate to work promptly for addressing the crisis being faced by the classrooms of this nation. The organization has urged the Senate to work with administration and the House so that a package can be crafted which can acquire the needed votes for quick passage of a Supplemental Appropriations Bill including the $10 billion Education Jobs Fund. The organization, ‘Learning First Alliance’ is a permanent partnership of 17 national education associations, where all the ten million members are intensely dedicated in improving the student learning process in public schools based in United States.

The members of the alliance include the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, American Association of School Personnel Administrators, American Association of School Administrators, American School Counselor Association, American Federation of Teachers, National Association of Elementary School Principals, Council of Chief State School Officers, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Middle School Association, National Education Association, National Staff Development Council, National School Public Relations Association, National School Boards Association, National PTA and Phi Delta Kappa International. The organization also maintains a website featuring the current statistics of the public schools and districts across the country.

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