Secada Donates To Charity, Again

Jon Secada’s charitable trust and the Mission of Saint Francis are offering a $3 million riverside lot in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for $30. The residence has 6 ½ bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, 100 feet on the water, home theatre room with 120” display, play room, workplace, big swimming lake, 4 vehicle garage and lots more.

Secada likes to assist the Mission of Saint Francis and the charitable trust they maintain open for those requiring it. The Mission is the age old management and public services hotspot in Florida and all processes have been supported only by personal contributions. As per Secada, “The Project of Saint Francis is a great association that has been serving the neighbourhood and individuals by giving backing and help in various methods”.

This home betting is quite easy and clear-cut. You can purchase tickets on the web through Jon Secada’s webpage or by dialling the toll free digit given on the website. The draw is decided on 10th October, 2010. Just 300,000 vouchers will be retailed for the $3 Million house and the vouchers are only $30 in total. There is in addition a $1.5 million money alternative for persons of you who would like to have the currency.

Gloria Estefan recruited Secada as a backdrop singer in late 1980’s. He was also underway directing music for Estefan, as well as a few of her best-recognized ballads. Along with other songs, Secada co-created and hummed backdrop on approaching Out of the Dark Gloria’s greatest hit from her 1991 record Into the Light. All through Estefan’s appearance of the Dark visit, Secada was offered the life-altering chance of going on stage and doing solo. The single was Always Something which was to be included soon on his first album. It started his life as an solo musician.

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