Parents Text Alot

There was a survey done on the mobile phones of LG and it showed some surprising texting patterns. It also showed that most parents text almost as much as their teen children. The survey was carried out by a research institute named as “TRU” and the result showed that about the 28 % of parents were found texting, while some others were driving and texting. It covered an analysis of a teen group of thirteen to seventeen years old children who were involved in having mobile phones and texting of some form. Most of the parents claimed in the survey that they text through mobile to their children and keep in contact in that way.

It was experienced that children feel more relaxed in sending text messages than ever before but children showed some harmful texting patterns. Most parents say in the survey that they are fully aware of unenthusiastic “texting practices” of their teen children like sending adult messages or texting during the driving. But survey proved that parents keep engaged in such texting behavior them and don not stop their children from such habits also. They do not bother much about the misuse of the mobile phone. Survey told some facts which are funny as well as informative. It says that more the number f children accept that they do sexting than the number of parents who accepted this.

Around half of the parents and children admitted that they do driving and messaging on mobile phones simultaneously. Again more the number of children accepted to messaging at dinner than the number of adults doing the same. The survey revealed several other features of parent and child and it proved that this form of communication has made the relations stronger than ever when there used to be no form of fast communication like this. LG takes the initiative to educate children and parents about misuse of mobile phones by their dedicated website.

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