NJTC Provides Free IT Training

For the benefit of people who have traditionally not been represented in the IT sector, NJTC, in association with CompTIA Educational foundation, will be providing free IT training and certificates to them. Some of the groups who will benefit from this program are war veterans, retrenched workers, youth and disabled citizens.

Those who take part in this training will be getting the benefits of a mentor and many other facilities, apart from a 24X7 online training. The participant can expect to become a skilled computer technician after the training, which is of 3-4 months duration. They will have the option of continuing to upgrade their skills in other areas such as networking, server operations and security and convergence.

Founder and CEO of NJTC expressed his satisfaction over the alliance with CompTIA, which he said was the best for the people of New Jersey. He added that this will provide a good opportunity to those who do not have resources but are interested in having a career in the field of IT.

Dennis Zimmerman, director of CompTIA educational program sounded equally optimistic when he said that the program called Creating Futures will produce skilled work force fro diverse backgrounds and help people have successful careers. He hoped that a large number of people from the New Jersey will grab this opportunity.

Those who wish to have more information about Creating Fortunes can visit the website of the company. Basic computer knowledge is preferred but not essential.

NJTC is an organization that is driven by technology oriented companies. A leader in technology industry in New Jersey, NJTC has been supplying talent to the IT industry. It provides facilities of networking, financing resources and much more to its member companies.

CompTIA is a leading IT company of the world and CompTIA educational foundation is a non profit, charitable part of the company. It receives donations from various sources.

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