Hormone Therapy After Menopause?

Recent study shows that hormone therapy on estrogen or testosterone after menopause doesn’t improve the memory of women. It simply contributes to the studies linking hormones into functions of women. However, there are researchers who believe that hormone therapy may improve the memory skills of women under menopause age, and eventually avoid Alzheimer’s disease. Still, it is the latest study which shows that hormone therapy doesn’t hint any particular improvement of memory. Nevertheless, there are claims that says when uterus and ovaries are removed the estrogen might provide advantages in memory.

According to Dr. Angelica Linden Hirschberg, author from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, women who enter the menopausal age groan about cognitive destruction thus it has been recommended that estrogen may have a helpful effect on women’s memory and cognitive capacity. It was in year 2002 when hormone therapy became popular. However, it caused an alarm to Women’s Health Initiative, informing that it can cause higher risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease to women absorbing hormones. Still, the advantages and disadvantages remain a controversy, especially when it is linked to the mind.

There’s still a doubt on this hormone therapy since details about long-term impact of estrogen and testosterone on postmenopausal women are incomplete. The question on the effects of prolonged hormone exposure still remains. Thus, Dr Hirschberg advised that it’s better to take the natural way to have sharp mind: daily exercise and proper diet.

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