Gulf Still Battles Oil

The nightmare is over. The well has been capped for good and efforts have been diverted to restoring the damage that has been done by the oil spill not only by removing the oil that has already spilled into the ocean but also by minimizing it from further moving into the Mississippi River Delta. Since efforts are underway at every level, the U.S Senate has also jumped in with two amendments to restore the damaged coastal lines and wetlands. Although House of Representatives still has to pass this legislature but its considered as a head start by conservative groups. The very first amendment will allow the reallocation of funds to the damaged coastal line while the second amendment will allow the engineers to use the material that has been dredged from Gulf Coast to minimize the consequences of the oil spill on the River of Mississippi. Senators Landrieu and Shelby proposed the amendments.

The aim of these amendments is to bring back life to the Mississippi river which is home to an important group of wildlife; a wide range of human communities, cultures as well as crucial economic resources required for sustenance. Conservation groups are lauding the efforts by the senators terming them as a significant way forward by arguing that the Mississippi River Delta has the capability to restore the Louisiana’s damaged coastal wetlands to the pre-oil spill form.

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