Class 8 In A Class Of It’s Own

The owners of class 8 trucks seem to be very unsatisfied with their vehicles. Or at least this is what a study this is what the J.D. Power and Associates report shows. Apparently, in 2010 the number of unsatisfied costumers during their first year of usage of such trucks increased with 70%.  This is the cause of the major economical impact that this industry has suffered. So less money means less quality for the truck owners, as Todd Markusic, senior director at J.D. Power and Associates said.

Truck companies try hard to improve their quality, and if this is less possible in their trucks, they are trying harder on customer service. The service providing days have been less since this problems, and a truck owner can now have he’s problems fixed in less than two days compared with a few days than it was before.

The study that was made in February and March 2010, have proven the fact that there are 233 problems found in each 100 vehicles, meaning that a truck can have more than just one problem. Frequent engine or transmission problems are what basically made costumers unsatisfied. If the rate of insatisfaction seemed to grow after two years of usage on class 8 heavy-duty trucks, this rate seems to reach the maximum level of insatisfaction in less than a year of usage. Although companies try hard, the clients still are unsatisfied with their trucks. Most of the costumer notice very bad function with their trucks in less than 50.000miles usage. This is one of the reasons for which even the high quality service performance, and less days to wait for the costumer to get his tuck back on the road, are less significant and barely attracts new clients. The sells shrink year by year, and if companies don’t come up with a better quality, customers can turn to other services for their trucks.

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