Rentrak Releases Most Sought After Movies By Consumers

Rentrak had announced the top ten movies filmed on the subject “consumer transaction rate”. These transactional movies can be seen through telecommunication services and cable.

Rentrak Corporation compiles all these data after deep research and analysis. The compilation is meant for public use and is copyright protected. Rentrak allows reproducing their table of contents in any format without acquiring permission from them based on certain conditions. They insist that the contents of their research have to be reproduced properly without errors. The material reproduced for publication should specify that the source of contents is from the Rentrak Corporation’s material. Rentrak’s collection of data on ten top movies from July 26, 2010 to August 1, 2010 carries information like rank for the movie, title of the movie, MPAA rating, the producer studios, VOD release date and the total box office collection in dollars.

Rentrak Corporation offers a service called “On Demand Essentials” where they maintain data collected on “On demand contents”. Through this service the cable operators, networks, broadcasting divisions, advertising agencies and studios can get access to the “On demand contents”. The service users may keep track of their transactions as well as report issues with the Rentrak Corporation. The clients are provided with web access, which is password protected and through this they can reach various sub-accesses available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Multiple vendors can report issues using a single dynamic toolset. Clients can make their own explanations, discover new trends and promote them using “On Demand Essentials” system. Clients can also keep track of their performances among other businesses.

Rentrak Corporation engage itself in researching various entertaining media contents offered by different platforms such as Hollywood related contents, home entertainment, television programs, video contents on demand, mobile and broadband services. Rentrak had also devised alternate currencies for evaluating and selling media. Rentrak has it’s headquarter in Portland, Oregon and branch offices are situated worldwide. The official website of Rentrak carries all details regarding the company.

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