Nancy Pelosi Speaks Out About American Dream

A statement was released by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In her statement she paid tribute to the Americans, both genders, whether in uniform or not, who have fought for American values, safety and freedom. She paid rich tributes to the soldiers who have and are fighting for the American dream on the long beaches of Normandy to the treacherous mountainous peaks of Afghanistan and in the hot deserts of Iraq.  In her statement she reiterates that each day in the congress is treated as a memorial day where we acknowledge the sacrifices of our fellow brothers and sisters who have and are fighting for the better future of their American brethren. Reaffirming Congress’s commitments she states that Congress will do whatever it can to facilitate the soldiers coming home after their stay in the battlefield. Stating the military’s motto of leaving no man behind she iterates that they will not leave any veteran behind when they return home.  She talks about her recent visits to Qatar, Afghanistan and Germany where she met American soldiers stationed there and celebrating Mother’s Day with American women in uniform. In the end she reconfirms the resolve of the Congress and the people of America that not only this Memorial day would they remember their services but on each and every other day their prayers would be with them.

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