FreeAgent Central Chosen As Web App Of The Year

Revolutionary virtual office-work software firm, FreeAgent Central, is rejoicing this week following being chosen Web App of the year in the respected .net Honours. Previous year’s victors comprise Stephen Fry, DropBox and Twitter.

Ed Molyneux, FreeAgent Central CEO said, “This is an unbelievable success for us furthermore we are extremely, extremely pleased to accept such acknowledgment from .Net. This is a giant leap frontward in our operation to democratise office-work. We are very honoured of FreeAgent and we anticipate that our consumers will benefit us now by placing their choices on the web!”

FreeAgent virtual program is simple to run and offers a rich depiction of return and deficit, causing operating a company simpler and placing the lesser firm proprietors in jurisdiction of their funds.

As service providers themselves, the three inventors of FreeAgent Central wanted a business device that would offer them a rich depiction of their company financial statements. That item was not present and so FreeAgent was invented.

The program has a fresh and modest plan, extremely natural and functioning. It calculates VAT returns, computes self-evaluated revenue duty and business duty and achieves PAYE and NI. Operators can view return and deficit, direct and follow invoices, follow time and expenditures, handle jobs and outgoings.
The program was lately reorganised to permit consumers to record their VAT revenues automatically inside the computer straight to HMRC, preventing many days of book-keeping.

FreeAgent also inspires partnership amongst bookkeeper and customer by permitting bookkeepers to login to the computer, so they could provide a much modern guidance. Bookkeepers can effortlessly ship trial surplus figures to create conclusion-of-year financial records.
A dynamic virtual communal of FreeAgent clienteles has developed where consumers frankly debate thoughts, queries and difficulties about financial records. Furthermore there is a quick guidance helpdesk where consumers can ‘Question a Professional’ about economic matters they might be possessing.

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