Bestwick Takes Gold At X Games

BMX hero & legend Jamie Bestwick created X Games history yesterday, when he won his gold medal. This was his fourth gold medal won consecutively in the BMX stunts. While winning the 4th title he earned his name in the Guinness World Records as the first contestant accomplishing four continuous gold medals in an event.

The official supporter of the BMX Park and Skate Park, Guinness World Records Live, Organized this event at X Fest. It gave X Games fans a chance to challenge Jamie Bestwick, the action sport her both live and up in front. His arrival at the Guinness World Records Live! made it an official launch of the show – a brand new name in the world record breaking business by the Guinness World Records. The live record breaking excitement has been brought forward by this new show in front of the public, all live.

By establishing a record minimum of 43 bunny hops in 20 seconds on a BMX, Bestwick became the undisputed record holder because none of the X Games fan with their failed attempts could break his record. As a result it is an open challenged to be beaten.

The US launch of GWR Live!, Is followed by the extraordinary successful 18 months of live events that are taking place in Dubai, Turkey, Barcelona, and Tokyo& England having more than 2 million visitors in the shows.

The Guinness World Records TV brings record breaking straight to the public aired live on many popular TV channels of the world. It involves in creating an encouraging atmosphere where can attempt breaking the records and earning the record breaking championship right away. The main mission of Guinness World Records Live is to educating, entertaining, and stimulating people in achieving live extraordinary feats attempted by ordinary people.

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