Wimax And Exemplar Creating High Speed Network For Ireland

A new and high speed revolution in digital world is about to come, with the going back of Wimax and another new network, Exemplar. This high speed network revolution in the digital world will lead overall in the market. This has been possible because of the Imagine Communications Group of Ireland which has planned to implement a high quality fiber optic cable by government backed support in Ireland, so as to handle the increasing traffic on internet. This will bring a revolution in Ireland and lead to the changes in the current scenario of Ireland. Imagine Communications Group is also the provider of 4th generation or 4G broadband technology across the Ireland and has come up with the solution to cost effective methods for solving the conjested internet traffic and network in Ireland.

This problem was being faced by Ireland for a quite long time and now, people and everyone have hopes with this new project that the heavy loads of internet will be solved by this method. The Managing Director of Mr. Brian O’Donohoe said that they welcome Exemplar and they can perhaps go in collaboration with Exemplar to provide joint services in Ireland in the telecommunications sector. They aim to enable entrepreneurs to setup their world class business across Ireland. It is said that Exemplar and Wimax in collaboration will provide facilities such as teleworking which could be possible till now. This will create a lot of opportunity for Ireland not just in terms of increasing businesses but also in terms of a greener environment a safer future. Mr. O’Donohoe said that Exemplar with its 4G high speed will prove to be a good companion to them in providing services. Exemplar network is built by Intune Networks of Dublin which also works in telecom industry. The cost of this project will be EUR22million for Intune and EUR100million for Imagine. This will surely lead than any other 3G network in Europe.

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