New Orleans Residents Battling With Oil Spill

In New Orleans, LA, five years after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, there is an increase in the number of the residents of the city. They say that they are rebuilding the process and it is going well. However, the substantial majorities still report that the city is not yet recovered and they do feel that the nation had got them. It is in accordance to the newest comprehensive survey of the lives as well as attitudes of the New Orleans residents by Kaiser Family Foundation.

The third survey in the series has been conducted in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. It finds out the scope as well as the immediacy of the Gulf oil spill that weighs heavily on the minds of the New Orleans residents. It is being asked that which disaster would cause people lots of damage. People pointed out the oil spill issues, rather then the natural disaster and the levee breaks that followed the hurricane.

Generally, this survey reveals that a markedly altered city. It had a population which is nearly third smaller than it was the time of 2000 census. It is still struggling to bring back its life from a storm and levee breaks which had killed thousands of people and displaces millions of others while the flooding covered out the entire neighborhood and bogging out the local businesses as well as the medical facilities. Since the residents saw significant progress in restoring out their tourism, there are lots of report in New Orleans that are lagging out as an intractable crime problem and that the pace of the recovery has been slower for the back residents of the city, who are also the majority. The series of surveys measures the experiences of people, their living conditions and even their attitudes towards the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

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