Research Points To Connection Between Mental Health and Fruit

According to the latest research, it has been observed that elimination of new cases of depression and diabetes is possible up to 21 percent by consuming fruits and vegetables in good quantities. The new study shows that there can be a reduction in the incidents of dementia by decreasing the cases of depression and diabetes. The diabetes and depression cases can be lowered by consuming healthy diet that includes consumption of fruits and vegetables along with proper knowledge regarding these health ailments. Till date, the exact cause for dementia has not been identified. However, people have successfully identified other things in the life style of an individual that actually act as a catalyst for dementia.

Few things that influence high risk of dementia are history of depression of an individual, alcohol consumption level, type of diet consumed, education level and vascular risk factor such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. This study included 1433 healthy people living in South of France and aged over 65. The participants went through a cognitive testing at the beginning of the study and then two, four and seven years later. The individuals were made to submit their medical history records along with some personal information on their education, regular diet, monthly income and alcohol and tobacco consumption level.

Based on the above study, researchers concluded that new cases of dementia could be reduced by 21 percent by eliminating diabetes and depression along with an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables with the regular diet. However, researches clearly stated that actual link between depression and dementia is not yet identified. The researchers added that having a public health initiative program to combat cases of dementia by prompt treatment on symptoms of depression and early diagnose of glucose intolerance and insulin resistance along with making people literate can help in cutting dementia rates.

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