PyratineXR Gets Approval From JDD

The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, has concluded that the efficacy and tolerability of the active ingredient in PyratineXR is safe for long-term use.  In a 48-week clinical trial, the study reported that PyratineXR moisturizing lotion, which totes a new advancement in skin care, with the next generation of cytokinin-based technology was shown to be effective and without any major side-effects to its study members.  It was shown to have a real positive effect on such skin inflammatory conditions such as sunburn, razor burn, acne and rosacea.

The object of their study was to show an improvement in subjects long-term inflammatory response to the preceding condition, producing the most minimal side-effects over a 48-week long study.  The lotion was applied twice per day in 18 individuals exhibiting the conditions described to be mild-to-moderate.  The overall clinical description was observed in 81 percent of the subjects who participated without any visual irritation observed.  In fact, the global assessment was that all 81 percent showed a significant benefit to treatment.

PyratineXR is being hailed as a significant beneficial treatment for skin inflammatory conditions without any of the side effects that can be common for skin treatment therapies.  PyratineXR was created by the developers of Kinetin and is a whole new advancement of cytokinins for therapeutic skin care and has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lesions, skin spots and spider veins.  It has also been shown to improve skin texture in just a matter of days.  Being available with such high effectiveness is really a major accomplishment for the treatment of skin conditions.  PyratineXR a whole new line of products are now available nationwide which include lotions and cremes that are specifically designed for the treatment and care of sensitive skin.

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