James Walker Breaks Wakesurfing Routine

Flyboy Wakesurf group proprietor and driver James Walker has broken Shred Stixx to follow rip strip Hazen this year, being triumphant in first place last week in the 2010 World Cup Men’s Pro Surfing and Wakesurfing competition. Most of the world tournament Wakesurf Wakesurfing races this year have attracted contestants from eight different nations. For three days, great professionals and amateurs strove against wakesurfers surfing, case and heads of districts. Finally, it is an outstanding run a full victory, Walker came to the peak of pro surfing locally with men – an outcome that he features in part his flyboy Wakesurf planks, composite-sandwich construction.

Walker proprietary process evolved in a search to conceive a awaken surf panel which was supposed to be durable and lightweight. At that time, it was very simple and flexible boards slightly dented and marked, advice was to make one that could withstand hefty use easily evaluated to work as Walker liked. He arrived with a surf-board which is now renowned as the signature model by James Walker, Flyboys Surf boarding.

Flyboys composite building presents a wake surf panel that is hard and light than the epoxy surfboards. Flyboys each board is hand made by special densities of fluff sandwiched among fiberglasses. A centre of minor EPS density foam assists to reduce power and eradicates the requirement for a reporter in the center of the map.

The center is wrapped in high density froth and fiberglass material, and the panel is then covered with Flyboy’s closed-cell exterior skin.

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