Marshall Mathers Talks About Substance Abuse

Marshall Mathers, a.k.a Eminem, has brought to life the occupational hazards of the music world with his openness and discussions of substance abuse to coincide with the release of his famed “Recovery” album.  The industry has always seen its fair share of controversy and infamous behaviors with drugs and alcohol, but his candor about the industry as a whole, has brought the culture of addition in this community to the forefront.  To deal with the challenges facing young and seasoned musical artists, treatment facilities specializing in addition such as Willingway Hospital and MusiCares have joined forces to try to help this community overcome addiction through support and acceptance.

Drugs and substance abuse, by recent studies, affects an estimated 10 percent of the general population with it being seen within the music community being much greater.  There are so many specific risks associated with the music industry including performing in bars and clubs where drugs are easily accessible plague the entertainment world as a whole.  These problems in addition to those associated with fame, only lead to further pressures that lead one down the path to addition.  It affects all aspects of the community, not just the performed, including producers and roadies as well.

Alcohol and drugs seem to exemplify the music business and at times appears to add to the mystic of a life ruled outside of the boundaries and rules that the rest of society faces.  It can leave the entertainers feeling above the law and making decisions that they would not normally make.  Most of the time unfortunately, help is only sought when one has hit rock bottom, or worse is not sought until it is too late.

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  1. dude eminem will never quit smoking weed thats his shit dog

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