Hogan And TNA Introduce ReACTION

TNA Wrestling, also known as the President of entirety uncontrollable Action, and the company’s joint affiliate Hulk Hogan jointly announced the “TNA ReACTION,” series premier only on “Spike TV”.

“TNA ReACTION” would straight away track the “TNA impact!” that is the important program of “TNA” which telecasts at 9-11 PM ET Thursday’s nights. This way a 3 hour continuous non stop action will be delivered known as the “TNA Thursdays,”

“TNA ReACTION” would be an hour long documentary type story of the actors and wrestlers in the show and this show will get the TNA iMPACT! Live back to life. It is made and shaped in a joint collaboration effort of “BHE TV& TNA Entertainment. Both announced last fall session that TNA ReACTION provides a complete 3 hour non stop professional wrestling entertainment.

Eric Bischoff of BHE TV stated that along working with his mate Jason Hervey, he had come across really great camera technologies like the latest “7D D-SLR” of Canon in his reality projects.

The very similar statement has been issued by the TNA President, Dixie Carter that they felt very happy working with Eric & Jason in this project. The production staff of TNA has collaborated with the latest techniques into “ReACTION” and “iMPACT!”.

Wrestling of TNA is considered as the most popular & interactive TV viewing wrestling. Being a private limited company, TNA Entertainment has its headquarters located in Nashville, Tenn. The TNA wrestling has worked together with the BHE to produce its 3 hr. long show on the channel of “Spike TV” in order to create a new and exciting TV show for the fans. As a result, this TV program and the channel would see a definite increase in their viewership.

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