Hirschfeld In Paris Triatholon

New York genuine estate developer, Ellie Hirschfeld, manager of LLC Hirschfeld Properties, extends his journey of the globe as a great athlete.  This time he is heading to Paris to take part in the Triathlon held at the Eifel tower.

Flying last February to Israel, Hirschfeld was found to be the biggest competitor to take part in Ironman Israman Israel. He has accomplished 12 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii and since he, took part in numerous marathons in New York and the Hamptons triathlons, he has great experience.
I’m looking ahead to the strong affray and the challenge that triathlon in Paris will offer, said Hirschfeld. After having accomplished 75 marathons, triathlons and races about 10  in the world, it is habitually stimulating to glimpse the course obligations of the unidentified in an entirely unusual region of the globe. Surround yourself in another tradition in such contexts permit a new chronicled strong feeling of each vocation and makes it particularly rewarding both bodily and mentally.

Hirschfeld went at the period of 35 years, from being a casual sprinter, cyclist and the casual “an awful swimmer” extreme passion for an athlete, which in the past 27 years has acquired him praise as a factual worldwide competition tri-athlete. As an alternate outlet for sports passion, Hirschfeld commenced http//:hirschfeldsport.com, a site on the Internet to encourage the development of athletics today triathlon teaching tips ranging from diet to construct strength.

Mr. Ellie Hirschfeld is ascribed with directing the strategic main heading of the business and leads all facets of development, encompassing analysis of new tasks, marketing and lease discussions, legal schemes, and administration architecture and construction.

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