Kelin Johnson Gains Significant Media Exposure

Kelin Johnson completed 10 attempts over Tennessee as a Georgia Bulldog in 2007. From 2010, the star security is taking on the match and the sports planet with a new and single viewpoint all day along on the radio, the Web and also as a TV reporter and web logger, an attempt that kicks off in serious with Georgia’s SEC spell starter alongside the University of Louisiana-Lafayette on 4th September.

He came back to Athens previous year after his NFL spell with the Seattle Seahawks, and has promised to going within the sport, in the changing areas and within the thoughts of the competitors on the present squad, giving a real insider’s view on the sport.

Johnson has been just beginning his role in current months with a sequence of film segments and internet posts on his web page, and will first appear in“Kelin Keepin’ “Its Real Radio” this period on a number of broadcasting channels, besides on his main media page,

The periodical Game Day transmits, webcast and podcast will join hugely popular past co-players from Georgia in addition to the NFL with Johnson to go within in the sport in a path no one could. Kelin will be there live all Saturday, starting with the Tailgate Show version that will be transmitted live and advertisement free from 10am-11am with University of Georgia pupils co-presenting, with a countrywide version which will extending on, and business radio locations in the Kelin Johnson Media Set-up. The catalogue of locations will be informed and displayed on, and all radio programmes will also be shown live on the page.

Johnson will go forward every week’s match reports on WSB-TV’s weekly pre-match TV reporting and will present post-match views every Monday on “The Dawg Report,” and will add to the Athens Banner Herald.

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