Underage Drinking Among Males The Highest

According to a federal government report, greater part of U.S. hospital emergency visits has been made by male counterparts for being involved in underage drinking. In the year 2008, almost 189,000 alcoholic patients aged between 12 and 20 visited emergency rooms accounting for a third drug related emergency room visit. As per the statistics from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the patients that were under aged drinkers, amongst them, 53.4 percent of the males aged between 12 and 17, while 62.1 percent of the males aged between 18 and 20. Out of the total underage drinking related ER visits, 30 percent of the males were involved in alcohol and other drugs, while rest, 70 percent were involved with alcohol alone.

Males visiting the hospitals as an emergency case were detected with drugs including 57 percent marijuana, 17.8 percent anti-anxiety drugs, 15.3 percent narcotic pain relievers and 13.3 percent cocaine. At the time of follow up care, 72 percent of the patients were cured and released to their home, while 19 percent of the patients were those who took alcohol alone. So, in contrast, 35.5 percent of the total cases that were taking alcohol and drugs had to take the follow-up care.

In an agency news release, SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde stated that under aged drinking have very strong roots entrenched in the American culture. Young males are often seen consuming alcohol as a thrilling practice of passage into maturity, but this has actually led to a serious public health crisis, where young male counterparts are suffering from severe injuries that sometimes lead to disastrous consequence. Pamela added that every emergency department visit gives an opportunity to carry out brief interventions so that lives of adolescents can be saved and they can be encouraged to quit alcohol and drugs consumption.

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