Medicare Cuts Troubling Physicians, Seniors

Physicians and seniors are compensating the price of Medicare mismanagement done by congress, as it failed to stop the process of giving out physician payments with a drastic 21 percent cut commenced by Medicare.  AMA President, Cecil B. Wilson stated that Congress is playing Russian roulette with seniors’ health care. The game of brinkmanship has been taken too far by the congress, as the unreasonable 21 percent cut is in effect and physicians will have to forcibly make difficult practice changes, so as to keep their profession ongoing. Dr. Wilson added that for running a major health coverage program, the way chosen by the congress is absolutely wrong.

The repetitive short term delays have caused a lot of instability and now physicians are paying for it.  Almost one in five physicians has been forced to reduce the number of Medicare patients in their practices and one-third of primary care physicians have been stressed to take that action. For these actions being taken, physicians believe that two reasons are responsible for the same and those are ongoing threat of future cuts and incredibly low Medicare payment rates. According to Dr. Wilson, it is absolutely astounding that through the inability of the seniors to deal with the problem, Congress has let them down, that too in a responsible fashion.

Senate has voted to holdup the cut for another six months, but until the U.S. House of Representatives will take any action, this cut will remain in the place. In the weekly radio address, President Obama has insisted on the Congress to solve this issue and stated that simply kicking the cuts down the road for an additional year will not be a long-term solution. President Obama added that he is committed to reform this Medicare formula permanently so that different responsibilities get balanced.

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