Handball Society Brings Fans Together Online

European Handball association 2010 VFL Champions Gummersbach relies on Global park equipment to connect and raise their fan club. Mutually they have made an online society, available at www.My-VfL.de that supports followers to get concerned with sport and its advertising planning, and assists the ball society examination and opens marketing campaigns.

Since the last summer 2009, the online society has connected hundreds of fans through chats, surveys, virtual gathering, and weekly based newsletters. This society pushes user-created content, diaries and videos and utilizes co-creation tactics to extend and implement new devotee’s chants, t-shirts and banners. The marketing director Thorsten Hoenen at the VFL Gummersbach states that “the Global Park has assisted in us getting nearer to our follower base, and has supplied the roads to convey their thoughts and opinions to life for an improved overall fan, trademark and club knowledge. Our admirers have actually taken to the society: the amount of members prolongs to augment, but even much significantly the supporters and the society have more usual and consequential communications.”

The Global Park CEO Dr. Lorenz Graf, winds up by saying:  “Fan and clients communities permits associations to both connect audiences and confine precious insights. This is a move toward to joins marketing plan with the inherent PR-value of to investigate, and can be useful towards the manufacture of better goods, happier consumers and word-of-mouth market.”

Global-park offers a panel society and assessment software that facilitates organizations to supervise what matters crosswise the enterprise. The tracking consumer provided feedback and consumer behaviors, partners, employees, a company gains insight and drives itself to better production in the future. Global-Park was establish in 1999 by a German software engineer and is proved by world leading brands.

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