New Book Gives A Glimpse At Bon Jovi’s Early Years

The highly anticipated rags to riches story about the rising stardom of Bon Jovi’s life is set to be released.  The original tour manager Rich Bozzett authored the book “Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi” chronicling the first couple of years as the band was making their way in the musical world.  The book totes never before seen original pictures from their early years and takes you from a time when Bon Jovi played to audiences of just a few hundred to the superstars that now sell out full stadiums 3 shows at a time.

Bozzett wrote the book to bring to life the little known history behind the historical rising of a band that found its niche among the greats.  Being a very private group, not much is known about those early years and how Jon made himself a household name.

Although Jon has always tried feverishly to maintain his privacy and never wanted to talk about the early years of the bands history stemming from 1983 to 1989 during their rise of their talents, Bozzett felt as if the story needed to be told.

The book includes not only the sex, drugs and rock and roll story of their rise to fame, but so too includes the in fighting that led to their two-year break up in 1990.  As the title demonstrates, nothing is held back in this account of the bands early years including drugs before and after the shows, and the bands link to organized cocaine and marijuana drug smuggling that led to frequent searches of Jon.  Highly controversial, this is a must tell-all read to get a real understanding of the complexities of such a famous group.

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