LeBron Undecided

LeBron James, who has attained fame without really doing anything in his field, is all over the World Wide Web at the moment; people other than Americans seem to be interested in what he is up to. I’m sure it’s great to be the youngest MVP player but it’s better if you crown that with a little bit of success.

There are few things LeBron truly likes and to find that out you’ll have to keep sticking to this article. This particular player is badly wanted by 5 franchises which include Bulls, Heat, Cavalier, Nets and Knicks but nobody knows who James will sign up with; in fact, everybody actually doubts whether he will sign up and prefer missing the championship. All these teams will wait o sign up anybody else with them, till they find out who James will side with. Some agents have actually tried luring him into siding with their team. The rocking players have already signed up with their teams and James still remains!

The long wait is now alarming everyone; what is James really thinking about? He knew he had to leave Cleveland or he shouldn’t have put his club and fans through so much distress. The rumors say that it’s only the “green paper” that’s keeping him with it, which I’ll doubt; since, we all know how money will chase him wherever he goes. Signing up with any one of the teams will enhance his image greatly; so, which team will he sign up with, Heat or Bulls?
Miami Heat sounds like the best option for LeBron, since it has what it takes to win the next ring championship and LeBron should make a go for it if he wants to increase his popularity.

Bulls is still developing and James might not want o risk it. So, the Miamians are probably beginning their welcome ceremony for the man!

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