Highland Games At St. Andrews

“St. Andrew’s Society” is going to present the “Annual Highland Games” that will be organized at 7th of August, Saturday in the place of Livonia starting at 8:30 in the morning.  Tickets are available for $10.00 each with children under 12 is free.  Ceilidh – a Scottish party – will take place at Greenmead the previous night. Each ticket for Ceilidh is $15.00, with advanced purchase only.  All of the sports figures including, heavy athletics, highland dancing, highland bagpipes,vendors and the tents used for entertainment are compensated in the entry price.
The older snapshots of Highland Games

The “St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit” is pleased in boasting that its Games are the oldest till date running Games in the Northern American region. The Society has proven documentation showing the first Games was held as early as in 1849.  Sugar Island, Grosse Isle and Belle Isle, were the very first locations for the games. Volunteers entirely take control of the management of these games. More than 275 volunteers work in different areas of the Game Day. Many of the volunteers are society members, but majority of them are family members, spouses, or friends of other members. Their help and contribution is highly esteemed. There are many games that are held under this day. These are as follows:

1.Bag pipe competition
2.Heavy athletic competition
3.Highland dancing
4.Scottish animals
5.Tug Of War
6.Children’s area
7.Scottish whisky tasting
8.Entertainment tents

These are the diverse range of activities that have expanded from a mere indoor level to big gatherings and parties taking place in tents. It is a family fun gathering program that is a great source of entertainment and fun for all, children & adults alike.

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