P&G Acknowledged For Contributions To Paralympians

P&G was recently acknowledged for its efforts towards U.S. Paralympians which was initiated through a campaign known as “Proud sponsor of moms”. The recognition was made during the 2010 Olympic Games by the Committee in charge. This campaign helped mothers of paralympic athletes in the Olympic play (total of 250 in number) by paying the charges of going to Vancouver, Canada.

This beautiful effort by P&G has been appreciated far and wide; in fact, Sarubbi, an Olympic Paralympian was truly honored to have shared this first time experience at the tournament with her family.

The Olympic committee has realized the needs and desires of its paralympic applicants. The committee appreciates support from any company or league for the Paralympics and fulfilling all their aspirations. The awards are categorized broadly under six heads which grant individuals and teams and/or companies.

Mothers have spoken in amazement and disbelief while simultaneously lending out a word of thanks to P&G for their consistent support of their offspring. Hence, the honor and title has undoubtedly been bestowed upon the largest multinational in the world, P&G by the U.S. Olympic committee.
For the company, this award is a great PR activity achievement which will enhance its image two-fold. This ought to create awareness about P&G and boost its credibility in the market. Consumers tend to lend a soft corner for those companies who are always working for the benefit of the helpless. Through this venture they’ve achieved their purpose of improving lives. They owe a word of thanks to the Olympic Committee for their acknowledgement.

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