PA Tax Amnesty

The State of Pennsylvania introduced a Tax Amnesty Program that was in process from 26th of April to 18th of June. Although the program was launched to accumulate the back taxes, but the first day of program was not up to date from customer support and technology point of view. For the purpose to pay the tax, people just required to visit and register themselves or simply call the toll free number. Once the registration was done, taxpayers had to file an online Amnesty return, file tax returns and make the required payment. This limited time frame of fifty four days was given by Pennsylvania Department of Revenue where half of the interest and 100% of penalties were waived for anyone who would pay delinquent state taxes.

Businesses, individuals and other entities with tax delinquencies as of 30th of June were eligible for participating in this program. From Agriculture Cooperative Tax; Capital Stock or Foreign Franchise Tax; Electric Cooperative Tax; International Fuel Tax Agreement and Liquid Fuels Tax to Marine Underwriting Profits Tax; Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax; Parimutuel Wagering and Admissions Tax; Surplus Lines Tax and Gross Receipts Tax were covered in the Amnesty program. Only tax obligatory by a political section of Commonwealth, excluding Local Sales and Use and Hotel Occupancy Taxes for Philadelphia and Allegheny County were not applicable for the program.

Secretary of Revenue, C. Daniel Hassell reported that PA Tax Amnesty program, in the program’s first five weeks accepted 32,784 applications that revealed a total amount of $76.9 million as back taxes, which was previously unpaid in Pennsylvania. Overall 210,000 visits to PA Tax Amnesty website and 57,400 calls at Amnesty hotline number were answered on the 1st of June. Additionally, the single largest payment of $1.2 million was done for corporate taxes, which was quite a big amount.

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