VH1 Releases The 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time


Nothing seems to be more subjective than the notion of who is the greatest musical artist of all time.  Although we might all seem to agree on some of them, others remain somewhat debatable and controversial.  VH1, taking a polling of some well-known musical artists and industry leaders, reveal their collective thinking in their list of “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” which is set to premiere on Monday September 6 at 10/9c in a two hour expose

The results of the polling are not focused on any specific genre or musical style, in fact, it crosses over just about any musical distinction to include rock to pop, rap ad metal.  Over 200 different industry phenoms top the list including Alicia Keys, Ozzy Osbourne, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Rod Halford, Geddy Lee, Adam Levine, were allowed to vote on who they think should be included in this historical list.

The list was attempted before in 1998, when VH1 did the same countdown special, but since that time, the music world has exploded with such phenomenal talent and music altering styles, they decided to put it up for vote again.  So many new pioneers have broken through to create their won niche and VH1 thought it was valuable to include the new talent.  The new technology is partially the driving force behind the introduction of such new and varied style of music with music so assessable and being able to listen and download material being so much widespread.

VH1 will also offer rare footage in addition to never seen before interviews and famous faces such as Backstreet Boys, Hall & Oates, Keane, Ray J, Sheryl Crow, Brandy, just to name a few.

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