Locally Grown Produce A Healthy Growing Trend

There’s an increase demand in locally grown products like vegetable, fruits and crops in our market nowadays, driving farmer’s to grow crops just like what couples Jack and Elanor O’ Brien make. O’ Brien households own a farm in Lebanon, Oregon. They’ve grow fresh fruits, vegetables and crops since 1985. Their farm is named after Greek mythology character Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Currently, they own 14 acres of vegetables. Aside from growing varieties of vegetables, they also have strawberries and laying hens. These products were sold at four different farmer’s market, as well as to restaurants, cafeterias, lounges and organic food dealers. Their products include lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and basil. There’s also a great demand for fennel, radicchio and kohlrabi. For the past 10 years, it appears that markets have really grown up as well as the locally grown products. Factors that drive people to buy organic food are media, especially those articles found in newspapers.

Locally grown products are better since you can assure that they are freshly picked. Plus you can choose from a variety of products and still won’t pay for shipping. Varieties have more nutritional value. Products are picked with 24 hours, healthier, flavorful and stay fresh for a long time. Due to economy’s downturn consumers becomes more practical while product producers tend to be more optimistic. You can save more by buying locally grown products since you can buy it and bulk, furthermore, it doesn’t demand for shipping cost.

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