Gata Kamsky, US Chess Champ

New York’s Gata Kamsky has been crowned grand master of the 2010 US chess championship. The winner had a tie breaker against the Chicagoan, Yury Shulman, which was help at the CCSCSL. Before the tie breaker Shulman won against Nakamura in the last round of the game on board 1 whereas Kamsky pulled it off against Onischuk, which happened to be the latter’s first loss in five years.

The title of championship in this play is a very honorable one since the finest players from across the globe participate; this could very likely be one of the best 10 tournaments for the class.

The title holder, aged 35 is now world’s 36th best player and the country 2nd. He won a monetary prize of about $30,000 whereas the runner up held a swept a prize of $25,000 along with 6th position in the country. The tournament had bestowed $170,000 till the last day, which averages to a large monetary grant per player in the tournament.

The tournament was carefully set up to mesmerize viewers from the 150 countries around the world. The game was highly unpredictable since all the best players were slowly making it out of the winner list, gradually. The tournament resulted in the opening of a ground dedicated to the play of Chess in St. Louis. The benefits and tips for playing the game will be thoroughly delivered at all age levels by chess players and personalities at a certain day which celebrates the play of Chess.

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