Tiger Gets Tested

It may be surprising for many, but even the top performers are not spared drug tests. Tiger Woods, a world class player was recently called for a drug test as mentioned in the Charlotte Observer. However, when the 8th Olympic medalist, Ohno, was queried in this regard he acknowledged the fact that all were considered equal before the institute. The article authors also further questioned the alliance between the world class golf player and a Canadian Doctor, Anthony Galea. The latter is being investigated for charges and smuggling deals. There are two known drugs that enhance the performance in athletes which are HGH (human growth hormone) and Actovegin; these drugs and their supplies with the doctor are being thoroughly investigated.

Some common observations of the officials state that many drug abusers defend their first times by actually denying it which is quite unlikely to be the case with Woods as well. The article further mentioned that Woods’ doctor visited him for a recovery from knee injury. He used to drop in for a therapy for platelets.

USA Track and Field is one of those few professional leagues which absolutely ovoid overriding bans against champions and sports stars – yes, that includes Woods.
Drug abuse can be controlled by going through all the possibilities once again and taking strict actions against though who are more vulnerable to it.

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