New .CO Domain Makes Waves

.CO is an internet domain of the highest level, representing the country code, controlled and run by two major interest holders in the online world. The administration of .CO domains is done by .CO Internet S.A.S. created last year by a procedure of public procurement.

The company was being pressed against the wall by the general public and domain holding firms and organizations to push the deadline for their ‘Landrush’ program a little further. So finally, .CO Internet stepped up and made the extension to the deadline official. The ‘Landrush’ phase gave the shareholders and general public to secure the best .CO domains before they are made public worldwide. The date has now been pushed to the 16th of July, 2010.

The options available in the .CO domains are very wide and so they are more valuable for the users which are mostly internet companies, web and software developers, etc. the domain names are sought after in great numbers, since they are unique and in-style as compared to the .COM domain names, which are slowly but steadily going out of trend.

Giant firms such McDonalds, Apple, Sony, Nokia, etc. have been amongst the many thousand applicants of the ‘Landrush’ domain names. The extended dates point out to even more applicants coming in to get themselves a great domain name too.

The CEO of .CO Internet S.A.S. said in an interview, “The number of people and firms literally rushing to get their domain names secured has been way more than what we have imagined or expected. The extension orders came seeing this wide support from our valued customers, so that we can return their favor in style.”

After the end of the ‘Landrush’ period, the unregistered domain names will be given out throughout the world to general public. The .CO domain names available right now are being given at a premium by the 10 registered partners of .CO Internet S.A.S. for prices ranging from $250 to $300.

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