Rotavirus Vaccine Proven Effective

Two relevant studies conducted in Asia and Africa show that a vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVG) is effectual.  Rotavirus is typified by diarrhea, vomiting and fever. This type of virus is common in infants which causes death to half a million children worldwide each year. Experts were ordered to make vaccines and distribute it to Asia and Africa. On the initial examination, approximately 2,036 infants under 4-12 weeks in Bangladesh and Vietnam were given 3 oral doses of Merck’s pentavalent rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq) or a placebo at ranges 6, 10, and 14 weeks of age. After 2 years of follow up, there were 38 severe RVG cases found in the vaccine group compared to those 71 cases in the placebo group. It shows that the vaccine is 48 percent effective. Currently, World Health Organization or WHO is highly recommending rotavirus vaccine. Experts are trying to figure out how they will educate developing countries about rotavirus and vaccines. Test shows that a live rotavirus vaccine has the prospective to separate the occurrence of harsh rotavirus gastroenteritis. World Health Organization aim to expand help on rotavirus vaccines in poor countries like Asia and Africa since vaccines have the power to secure lives of 2 million children in the future. This type of vaccine protection is high in the first stages of life. Rotavirus vaccine is extremely needed in place like Africa since this country lacks in sanitation and health care, thus there’s a rapid spread of rotavirus in this region.

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